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Forza Friday (FM6) 25th August 9pm till late.

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  • Forza Friday (FM6) 25th August 9pm till late.

    Who is up for another fun race night, below is some spiel about out game nights and future plans so come and have some fun.

    Starts every Friday at 8:30 GMT

    Runs until people get tired usually midnight.

    Since the early days of FM3, we’ve been running a combination of silly and serious races using one of the most accessible racing sims available. Every Friday night, it’s not about crushing rivals or being a dominant force of motorsport; rather, it’s about enjoying races that are unexpected, challenging, and just plain fun.

    Do you like racing cars? Do you like doing silly stuff with cars? Do you want to do any or all of that with the MVG crew? If so, you should join us.

    How to Join

    This section is subject to change dramatically based on any improvements made to the Xbox One.
    1. Follow my gamertag, MVG Zapiy. You should be able to do this without needing my permission on the Xbox One. It will also make my Drivatar more likely to join your career races. I apologize in advance.
    2. Post your gamertag in this thread. This way, I can follow you back to send game invites and make it easier for you to jump straight into my lobbies. ONLY POST YOUR GAMERTAG IN THIS THREAD IF YOU WANT TO JOIN US ON FRIDAY NIGHTS.
    3. When I start up the private lobby for Race Night just before 8:30 PM, I'll go through my list of followers and invite anyone playing Forza Motorsport 6 into my game. This would be a good time to be playing Forza. If my friends list says you're in-game, I'm hitting you with an invite. If you can join my lobby before that invite, then feel free to be proactive! You won't be disturbing any natural order.
    4. We'll race. You'll have fun, hopefully.

    Two additional notes to keep in mind:

    • Occasionally I might be unable to attend due to work commitments, so someone else will host during those weeks. We’ll try to keep track of that in this thread, but it may slip through the cracks at times.
    • If you aren’t joining right at 8:30, there may be a delay inviting you in. You can send me a message to alert me you want in, but please be patient, as we’re probably in the middle of a 5-10 minute race.

    What To Expect

    While we mostly race during Race Night – hence the name – we do have a few other game modes we've created over the years that are fun.

    In addition, expect the following special series over the course of the next two years:
    • Clio Cup: This series is a great way to start or laidback race nights, more on this soon.
    • B Class Dash: We will run a mini series with a yet to be chosen B class car.

    The Rules

    Our standards are pretty simple, like our motto, "Come for the gaming, Stay for the Friends"

    Don't intentionally crash others during races.

    Forza Motorsport 6 is not nearly as full-contact as Forza Horizon 3. Accidents will happen with high speeds and limited space, but please don’t slam into other players, and be mindful to give appropriate space when battling.

    If you do end up taking someone out by accident and advance your position as a result, it's considered good manners to give them the spot back. This doesn't always mean stopping on track, which we've learned can be rather dangerous, but if you see the person you crashed in your rear-view mirror driving at speed again, slowing down and letting them pass is a nice gesture.

    Be mindful of the voice chat.

    We are a bunch of like minded gamers, some are nutters but all are in it for the same reason with a little swearing... A good nights gaming with friends

    Other Things You Should Know

    If you want to join, JOIN.

    Don't mull over whether you're good enough or not. Our fields are full of people with widely varying skills, and as long as you're willing to understand that racing's not always about finishing first, but finishing well, you should have a great time with us. You won’t be cast out because you’re placing last all the time. On the contrary! We want you to practice and learn. Mastering this racing stuff is a pretty amazing feeling.
    If you're worried about crashing one of us accidentally, let me just say that we're all used to how online racing typically goes. We can avoid your spinning car with brakes aflame, so don't worry about that either.
    We don't mind if you're late.

    As long as we have open spots (and we will have open spots with lobbies of this size), we're looking for people until the end of Race Night. If you can only make it to Race Night an hour in, then you're good. Get in here.
    You don’t need a racing wheel.

    Seriously, Vinny, it’s cool. This isn’t iRacing, so controllers are supported very well. I’ve always used a controller for Forza, and it’s worked fine thus far. Not having a wheel won’t put you at a horrendous disadvantage, trust me.
    You don't need any cars or DLC, but having a car for each class would be nice.

    The car suggestion is for your own enjoyment, as earning less money from rental cars is rarely fun.
    Have fun! That's what we're here for.

    You might hear some of the long-time regulars make reference to things like Stanica the Danica Fanica or the Lamborghini Pizza Club, but don’t worry about that.

    You’ll catch on soon enough, Seriously, just enjoy yourself.

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    Still don't have it. I get the impression more people in the world have horizon 3.

    I am however giving serious thought to getting forza 7 as I haven't played one properly since 3

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      I can actually make this one so if all goes well i will be there


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        Set an alarm this time so I don't forget
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          I will be on but no headset as I am at Titan Tayl0rs and can't find the lead for his headset, so will be using Kinect hopefully lol


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            Originally posted by PIL0T PEDR0 View Post
            I will be on but no headset as I am at Titan Tayl0rs and can't find the lead for his headset, so will be using Kinect hopefully lol
            No worries, be nice to speak to you again Pete.
            SEN: skyshadow5 - Xbox Live: skyshadow5 - Steam, Origin & Uplay: skyshadow5