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  • howdy gringo's

    Hi all, just joined,

    i am an engineer from bonnie scotland in ze UK, i have never joined a site like this before although i do frequent gamefaq's but i get fed up of arguments and trolling, which to be fair, gamefaqs isnt that bad for.

    my first ever console was an Atari 2600 and i loved it, been playin all the way since then but always on consoles.

    anyway not sure what else to write except hi, and hope we have something in common we can chat about.

    any tips on what i should/should not be doing on this site would be appreciated.
    Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!

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    Welcome to MVG fella, hope you enjoy your stay here, there use to be arguments on here but thats now all past, I dont think you find a site that doesnt argue lol, anyway here's a link for the T&Cs

    Feel free to send out thos Friends request and dont be shy to join us on games nights


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      Hi and welcome to the site mate hope you enjoy your stay! What platform are you on? Feel free to bung us a friend request ( mostly play on Xbox ) . Know what you mean about trolling etc but luckily we are a troll free zone


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        Hello and welcome.

        What systems do you play and what games/types are your cuppa?


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          I'm considering doing a bit of trolling to spice things up a little.



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            im on the xbox one atm (well not ATM as im away from work with no connection) playing through the fallout DLC
            Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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              hey sorry for the short and unloving answer, at work and time is tight.

              I have loved so many games over the years, SKyrim was a whole new ball game to me and i am quite keen on the re-mastered version comin out.

              I tried fallout 3 and New vegas and wasnt keen, fallout 4 however is brilliant, spent a lot of time on it

              I recently got goat simulator, its a bit crazy, my two daughters seem ti like it and its child friendly so thats a bonus.

              I got elite dangerous, because i loved the idea of whole galaxy to explore but my game time is limited to when my kids and wife are sleeping, so it sooked up too much time.
              same at the witcher 3, it was immense, but often as not i wud play for an hour (which is my average im afraid to say) and fight like 4 guys and the rest is cut scenes.
              was a bit gutted to give up on it.

              im not sure if im meant to reply to you all individually or if this counts lol, let me know.

              Also what are you all playing??
              Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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                Hello I'm on Xbox one mainly. I do like RPG games but similar to you family commitments get in the way. I like playing co-op games such as Borderlands and Halo. I dont generally do shooters online but I am pretty addicted to Overwatch right now. Gamertag BlackstarMC1.


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                  Welcome to MVG


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                    Just got back into FM6 myself, playing Uncharted 4 as well.

                    Mixed bag personally sure we will get a game online if you fancy it sometime?


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                      Welcome to MVG Pyab
                      SEN: skyshadow5 - Xbox Live: skyshadow5 - Steam, Origin & Uplay: skyshadow5


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                          Hello and welcome to our site

                          ​Outnumbered never outgunned


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                            Hello and welcome to mvg

                            My artwork page -


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                              How ya doin? PS4, dj_ade_76

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