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  • Well hello

    Afternoon all,

    Been a while since Iíve been around (2011 in fact!), used to be heavily involved back in the day!

    Hope everyoneís good, thought it was about time I got involved again seeing as I keep reading Jamieís emails and Iíve finally got myself another console!

    Be good to get gaming with everyone again!


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    Hello again. Finding time for gaming is a problem most times, and I have noticed I am using gaming tech less and less these days, even on my phone. But there are some games catching my eye that I like the look of World war Z. Looks a fantastic game probably fantastically frustrating also.


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      Bloody hello to old blasts from the past. How are you both?

      Like I say. I want to use this to keep up to date with people. Yes there is Facebook but hey, thatís another realm and in the long run it donít help us here.

      Long term is like to arrange the odd game night too.

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        I know right, been too long since Iíve been active on here!

        Iím good, in the middle of a house purchase at the minute and some big projects at work but still finding time to game most nights!

        Mainly playing Apex and BLOP4 on PS4.

        Howís things with you?


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          good to see you back

          My artwork page -


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            Ok ish mate. Living life. Work and all that. Loads going on but I prefer it that way. Keeps my mind active.

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