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Xbox / Forza - Whats your fave
« on: April 22, 2020, 09:13:02 AM »
Saw skys post in another thread and thought rather than hijack that one I would start another here.

There are 7 forzas not including the horizons.
Whats your  fave and why.
I think Sky is probably right - 4 is probably the best.
Best we dont speak of 5 - which felt (to me at least) it should have been free with a handful of cars and you paid for the cars you wanted with real money - or bought a car pass and got to choose <X> cars or something - because it was surely a grindfest.
6 Maybe felt a little better. It finally had weather at least even if it was pre-baked into each map so to speak.
7 I guess is maybe a little better - better choice of tracks including some old faves. But I dislike the structure of the single player - once you start a series your stuck with it. You could pick and chose what you wanted from the huge grid in 4 - so you didnt have to do 6, 8 lap races in a car you might not like as you do in 7.
Dislike the private lobby changes in 7 too tbh. I should be able to start a lobby myself if I want - why cant I ? In case I "cheat" to get some achievments. Really? FFS does it matter ?
I also liked how you could fully customise the AI in 4 - which you just cant do any more.
Reckon if you created a list of features and such for each theres still a ton that was in 4 that just isnt anymore. And little in 7 to offer improvement.

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